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Dan Tyminski

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Dan Tyminski takes the wheel (Sep 2008)
To say that "Wheels," the latest release from Dan Tyminski, has been a long time coming, would be a slight understatement. Unless an eight-year gap in between projects is considered quick. That is not to say that the bluegrasser has been sitting idle on the sidelines for so many years either. Consider his regular gig as acoustic guitarist with Alison Krauss and doing a considerable amount of session work. But the stars aligned for Tyminski - more properly the Dan Tyminski Band... more
Dan Tyminski: From Alison Krauss' vocal partner to George Clooney's 'butt double' (Sep 2000)
Dan Tyminski has been an integral part of Alison Krauss & Union Station for most of the '90's. His propulsive guitar (and, more recently, mandolin) and powerful bluegrass vocals give him a high profile in the band with the highest visibility in bluegrass. Despite this and a few years and CDs with the Lonesome River Band, "Carry Me Across the Mountain" is his first recording as a leader. Given the album's powerful mix of traditional bluegrass and gospel, one would think that Tyminski had been chomping at the bit to make this recording.... more

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