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Tift Merritt

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Tift Merritt gets tender (Apr 2008)
Tift Merritt appeared on a roll after releasing "Bramble Rose" in 2002 and "Tambourine" in the summer of 2004. The North Carolina singer was among the leading lights of the so-called alt.-country crowd and attracting glowing reviews, even a Grammy nomination for best country album. But she would not have landed a role with "Where's Waldo?" because unlike the cartoon character, Merritt seemed pretty much nowhere to be found for awhile. That is until she released her new collection of songs,... more
Tift Merritt rocks the soul with a "Tambourine" (Sep 2004)
W hat's a girl to do when the reviews for her debut album are as glowing as an ocean sunrise and her very first release winds up in nearly everybody's year end top 10 list? Some girls would panic at the prospect of following up an album with that kind of initial response simply because of the almost unbearable anticipation for the next one. By virtue of her amazingly textured first album, the country/blues/folk tinged "Bramble Rose," and her sophomore release, the soulfully electric "Tambourine," Tift Merritt is clearly not the kind of artist to be easily rattled by a little good press. Or a lot, for that matter.... more

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