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Rhonda Vincent

Trouble Free – 1996 (Giant)

Reviewed by Mark "Brink" Brinkman

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Rhonda Vincent's second major label disc is a wonderful piece of work. There is nothing fancy here, just straight forward "stone-country." You can feel the energy and intensity of this album from the first cut. She hits a high point with the title cut, which has enough energy to light up a city. Her strong bluegrass background serves her well on this upbeat tune. One of the strongest parts of the album is the song selection. The album taps into some of the best songwriters Nashville and others have to offer. Another barn burner that is just plain fun is "An Old Memory" written by Jerry Salley and Melba Montgomery. Vincent's crystal clear voice really shows on the heart-wrenching material on the album such as "At the Corner of Walk and Don't Walk" and a duet with Randy Travis, "It Ain't Nothin' New." Involved in bluegrass since a small girl, Vincent is beginning to show her full potential as she continues to gain popularity in the country field. If you are a fan of straight forward country, you may want to add this one to your collection.