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Rhonda Vincent

All American Bluegrass Girl – 2006 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Rick Bell

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Rhonda Vincent long ago established herself as one of the top two or three female performers in bluegrass, and given another chance on the country charts, she'd give them a run, too.

She's won every bluegrass award in reach - multiple times - and she's an electrifying live perfomer.

So, what's left for a multi-talented singer and instrumentalist to do with a new album? Her latest finds Vincent going full throttle vocally and instrumentally across a spectrum of tunes. There are guest appearances by several legends - Dolly Parton and Bobby Osborne among them.

Yet, now she reveals her latest passion - songwriting. Of the 12 cuts, Vincent contributes 3 songs - the peppy autobiographical title track, a fiery instrumental and "God Bless the Soldier," which, while it's a bit of an over-the-top flag-waver, is nonetheless a big step for an artist who could remain content recording the best material other writers can offer.

Though none of her songs are a stretch lyrically or musically, Vincent can confidently add the moniker "songwriter" next to singer and multi-instrumentalist.