Willie Nelson

Live From Austin, TX – 2006 (New West)

Reviewed by Corinne Brown

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With all the glitches of a train wreck, this live Willie Nelson recording made at Austin City Limits back in 1990 with the Family Band before an enthusiastic crowd, bounces and careens all over the place.

For hardcore Willie fans, it's a must have, long overdue, with the signature Willie-sound - sincere, understated plaintive lyrics, great guitar and a touch of the blues.

For the uninitiated, it almost feels too raw - they'd be better off with a studio recording that keeps Willie's modulating voice in balance. Redeeming qualities include the endless guitar riff in "Stay A Little Longer," the gentle piano and plaintive delivery in "You Were Always on My Mind" and the blues harp by Mickey Raphael on "Me and Bobby McGee."

Repeatedly, the biggest problem is the uneven recording and jarring editing. Nonetheless, sheer exuberance and great instrumentals makeup for the flaws. "Whiskey River" might be the weakest track, but the high point is definitely the two closing duets with Shelby Lynn, "Still Is Still Moving to Me" and "Milk Cow Blues." She soars, almost as if Willie had launched her into ecstasy. He probably did.