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Buck Owens

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This buck doesn't stop (Jan 1998)
In the Sixties, Buck Owens was country's top artist by a substantial margin. In the Seventies, as his hits became increasingly silly and then stopped coming, Buck's image was dominated by his role on television's Hee Haw. In the Eighties, with his classic records out-of-print, Owens was either a national joke or a forgotten man. Then, Dwight Yoakam came along to make Bakersfield music fashionable again and even brought Owens back briefly to the top of the charts in 1988. In the Nineties, Owens has become an icon to people on both sides of the country music fence. A recent reissue of five albums from the Sixties hasn't hurt.... more

Editorials and Country Musings

RIP Buck Owens, Cindy Walker (May 2006)
The music world is mourning the loss of two influential Country Music Hall of Fame members - Buck Owens and Cynthia Walker. Neither would unfortunately be all that well known to recent converts to country, but both certainly made their mark over many years. Buck Owens was the father of the Bakersfield Sound. He had a lot of twang in his guitar amidst simple arrangements and some pop influences, while utilizing an excellent backing band, The Buckaroos. His best-known song was "Act... more

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