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Buddy Miller

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Buddy Miller sends a prayer into a troubled world (Nov 2004)
Buddy Miller has amassed the kind of resume and reputation around Nashville and throughout the music industry that should allow him to puff out his feathers and crow his own name every now and again. He's played some relatively and consistently stunning guitar for Emmylou Harris for the past eight years while juggling a solo career that has yet to result in a bad review, a fairly busy production schedule, duet recordings with his wife Julie and a hectic, yet selective session schedule.... more
Buddy Miller uses the buddy system for "Midnight and Lonesome" (Nov 2002)
Buddy Miller doesn't really have anything to prove at this point in his career. Not to his fans, who have no doubts about his musical greatness. Not to HighTone Records, the label which stands behind his releases with pride and respect. And not to critics, who have consistently lined up to sing his praises. No, at this juncture along Buddy Miller's singular career path, after working in bands with Shawn Colvin, Jim Lauderdale and Emmylou Harris, the only person that he's trying to impress is himself.... more
The breathless lives of Buddy & Julie Miller (Oct 2001)
Buddy Miller doesn't sound especially breathless as he talks on the telephone from the Nashville home he shares with his wife, Julie, but if he did, it wouldn't be surprising. After all, Miller wears enough hats singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer that holes in his schedule are guaranteed to be few and far between even under the most relaxed circumstances, and the past couple of years have been anything but that. That makes the seamlessness of their new, self-titled album all the more remarkable. Though they've collaborated on disc before, "Buddy and Julie Miller" (HighTone) is the first time they've been co-billed.... more
Nothing beats the Buddy (Miller) system (Nov 1999)
The last couple of years have been a pretty wild ride for singer/songwriter Buddy Miller and his wife/writing partner Julie Miller, but this has been a particularly momentous year for the couple. Not only did Buddy manage to place one of his co-writes with Jim Lauderdale on the hugely successful new Dixie Chicks album ("Hole in My Head"), but Buddy and Julie have each recently released albums that could be considered contenders for end of the year accolades. Julie's is the poignant pop-flavored "Broken Things," and Buddy's is the raw-nerved country sizzle of "Cruel Moon," his third album.... more
Buddy Miller wanders into music career (Sep 1997)
Some singers pursue a recording contract more ardently than others. But few pursue it less ardently than Buddy Miller did. Miller was a professional musician for more than 20 years before he ever recorded, and when his chance finally came, it was almost pure serendipity. Even when Miller had one of his songs covered by one of country music's biggest selling acts, it was still through no real effort on his part - a remarkable occurrence considering many people in Nashville work so hard to place their songs with hit artists.... more

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