Sara Evans

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Sara Evans: born to sing (Nov 2000)
When we first heard from Sara Evans three years ago, she was steeped in the sounds of traditional country on her major label debut, "Three Chords and the Truth." Great album, but no breakthroughs on the commercial front. That led to a stylistic change on "No Place That Far" with a more glossy, pop-veering sound and little of the traditional bent. Apparently, the place in mind was number one on the charts because that was exactly where Evans landed on the smash single title track with backing vocals from Vince Gill.... more
Evans hopes "No Place That Far" Puts Her on Radio Map (Nov 1998)
With "country music" and "country radio" seemingly representing two very different things these days, it creates a real problem for artists wanting to simultaneously serve both. Artists who've proven themselves at radio get some degree of freedom, but for those just starting out, hard decisions must be made. Sara Evans is one artist facing those problems right now, and she's very aware of her situation. "My first record ("Three Chords And The Truth") received critical acclaim, but hit a... more
Evans tells of country's truths (Nov 1997)
The first few bars might tell the story. Sara Evans's voice recalls a faraway time, when a female country music singer didn't sound like warmed-over Linda Ronstadt, circa 1970's. "I look into those blue eyes/ Something happens to me..." The sound reminds one of Patsy Cline, but souped-up for the modern age. Trouble is, the song with those lyrics, "True Lies," barely registered on the pop-culture meter or in the minds of country radio programmers when released this past spring. ... more

Editorials and Country Musings

Superstars and problems (Nov 2006)
We like to think of our country music stars as one of us - that they aren't all that different from me and you except they probably can sing great and know how to put on a performance. But as fans - particularly country music fans because this does not exist in other genres - we like to get real close to the stars. That's why at least until they get to superstar status, singers routinely sign autographs and engage in chit chat at meet and greets with those who made them what they are - the fans.... more

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