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The Avett Brothers

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  • The Third Gleam (Republic, 2020)

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The Avett Brothers get darker (Oct 2009)
Since Scott and Seth Avett traded in the shredding indie rock sound of their first band, Nemo, for the front porch bluegrass vibe of the Avett Brothers nearly a decade ago, the North Carolina trio (Scott on banjo/vocals, Seth on guitar/vocals and stand-up bassist Bob Crawford) has come to define the DIY ethic. The Avetts recorded and released their own albums (10 full lengths and EPs over the past 10 years, including 2007's acclaimed "Emotionalism"), booked their own tours and negotiated their first label deal with tiny Ramseur Records 5 years ago.... more
2007 was a very good year for The Avett Brothers (Dec 2007)
There are only three shopping days until Christmas, and Scott Avett has just begun his annual quest for gifts. Avett's absence from the Christmas hustle and bustle this year is not the result of garden variety procrastination or an unreasonable fear of the mall. This year, Avett's band, the Avett Brothers, has been pathologically busy. The Avetts - brothers banjoist/vocalist Scott and guitarist/vocalist Seth, with stand-up bassist Bob Crawford - are closing the book on a calendar year that... more
Avett Brothers continue their fast pace (Oct 2004)
Scott Avett passes time at the Starheel in Charlottesville, Va., as his heavily touring band the Avett Brothers get ready to open up for Michelle Shocked that evening. The band is busy working on a few new songs, so this helps pass the time that Scott labels, 'hurry up and wait.' During this waiting period, the 27-year-old banjo picker is only too happy to talk about his band's unique brand of mountain music. "I always like talking to someone that is willing to listen."... more

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