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Garth Brooks

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  • The Anthology Part III, LIVE (Pearl, 2018)

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Brooks hopes "Sevens" will be lucky (May 1997)
The "Sevens" could be lucky for Garth Brooks this summer. The country superstar will release his new album "Sevens" on Aug. 7, the same date as a free concert in Central Park in New York. HBO will broadcast the concert live. Current plans are to release a new single on July 7. The single has yet to be picked, according to Brooks. He said in a recent, half-hour press conference in Boston the disc - his seventh, hence the title - will feature the different sides of his music.... more

Editorials and Country Musings

Duets (Jul 2007)
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are in the midst of their third ultra-successful tour together, dubbed Soul2Soul 2007. During the course of the concert, McGraw and Hill both enjoy their own stints on the circular stage with the first couple of country music performing duets together as well, such as "Angry All the Time" and "It's Your Love." During the Live Earth series of concerts on July 7 to publicize the problem of global warming, a last minute addition was a show in Washington, D.C., featuring... more
Garth Brooks "retires" (Dec 2000)
Garth Brooks said in October he retired or did he? He talked at the end of last year about hanging it up by the end of 2000 and apparently seemed to be following through. With great fanfare on a day celebrating his sale of 100 million units - the most by any recording act in history - Brooks also said he was packing it in. But like many things, Garth's interpretation of retiring may be quite different from most of us. He'll be releasing a new album sometime next year and indicated he may have to listen to thousands of songs before choosing what eventually makes the cut.... more
The Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines controversy (Oct 1999)
Garth Brooks in the life of Chris Gaines... Chris Gaines, aka Garth Brooks, releases "In the Life of Chris Gaines" Sept. 28. The album is probably the most anticipated debut ever from any artist. Of course, this isn't any artist. Brooks has adopted the persona of Australian native Gaines, a pop singer who has endured much personal tragedy. But he also has done quite well thank you on the charts, selling tons of albums. Now comes a greatest hits package, which is, in reality, the very first album ever released by Gaines. This is all part of a movie coming out next year starring Brooks.... more
It's the music, Garth (Jan 1999)
Congratulations are due Garth Brooks on the initial success of his "Double Live" disc. The CD was the biggest selling release of any kind ever in its first week of sales in November. The 25 songs, including three new ones, represent a cross-section of Brooks' musical career. At just about exactly the same time, Brooks completed a three-year world tour in Texas and now is going to take a break. Brooks may become further involved in other artistic endeavors, including developing movies. Frankly, the break away from music may be a good for those of us suffering from oversaturation.... more
Caveat emptor when it comes to Garth Brooks' "The Limited Series" (Jun 1998)
Caveat emptor when it comes to "The Limited Series" of Garth Brooks Caveat emptor when considering whether to dip into your pocketbook for "The Limited Series," Garth Brooks new attempt to rake in the sales. The six-disc set contains each of his first six albums along with one new song for each disc. Some songs were new, others recorded around the same time as that particular disc. The fault is not with the new songs at all - they in fact are almost uniformly of fine quality.... more

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