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Blake Shelton

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  • Body Language (Warner Nashville, 2021)
  • Body Shop Deluxe (Warner Nashville, 2021)
  • Cheers, It's Christmas (Super Deluxe) (Warner Nashville, 2022)

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Life's great for Blake Shelton. After all, he just found out two days earlier that his latest single, the catchy "Some Beach" hit the top of the charts, the third time the long, lean Okie has done so. "If you wrote me a check for $10 million, I couldn't be any happier," says Shelton in a telephone interview from the Nashville office of his record label, Warner. "I was on stage," says Shelton, describing how he found out about his latest great news. "The way the charts are built these days,  ...
Blake Shelton relocated from Ada, Okla. to Nashville at the tender age of 17. This bold career move had more to do with blind faith, though, than with any kind of youthful confidence. "I think it was a combination of having confidence, but mostly (it) was just (about) being naive," remembers Shelton, who is releasing his second album, "The Dreamer," in February. "At 17, you don't really know that much about the world, and I had no idea what I was getting into when I moved to Nashville. I just thought it'd be easy - that you go there, you meet the right person, get a record deal and be rich and famous in no time," Shelton recalls.  ...

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I Get Emotional (Oct 2007)
I don't know how many country songs I've heard in my lifetime. I guess a gazillion would be a conservative estimate. I do know that out of that number, there are only a handful of songs that never, no matter how many times I've heard them, lose their ability to emotionally get to me. It might be goosebumps or a lump in the throat. It might be more embarrassing that that - that's right, tear duct activity. I wonder why these songs retain their power and other songs that once affected me now leave me cold, but I'm not going to try and figure out why here.  ...

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