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Dierks Bentley

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  • Home (Capitol Nashville, 2012)
  • The Mountain (Capitol, 2018)

Articles and Interviews

Dierks Bentley fires it up (Jan 2009)
Dierks Bentley wasn't complaining at all about his new CD, "Feel That Fire." But it comes at a time where Bentley spends a lot of time on the road, has a new daughter and always seems to be in motion. "At times, it was organic, and at times, looking back on it, it was a lot of work," says Bentley in a phone call in early January from Memphis on the opening night of a tour. "We spent two years making this record. It was the most time consuming and probably the most expensive I've ever made." ... more
With pressure on, Dierks Bentley does it again (May 2005)
The pressure is on Dierks Bentley. Can the handsome singer replicate the success of his debut where he enjoyed two hit singles? Not an easy task given the fickle nature of the music business today where the flavor of the month and here today, gone tomorrow mentality exists and a singer is seemingly only as good as your next hit. The early verdict on Bentley is a big thumbs up. The lead-off song and first single from "Modern Day Drifter," the Waylon-sounding "Lot of Leavin' Left to Do," is moving up the charts.... more
What in the world was Dierks Bentley thinkin? (Sep 2003)
What in the world was Dierks Bentley thinking when his first single rocketed up the country singles charts? "I'm surprised in that it's the music industry, and things never seem to work out as they should," says Bentley in a telephone interview from Nashville about "What Was I Thinkin'," his catchy, twangy Top 5 hit. "I hope this doesn't sound egotistical," he says. "I think we made a great record. A great record. A team doesn't go to a game not to win the Super Bowl. I feel lucky, and I feel really honored."... more

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