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Willie Nelson

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CD Reviews

Articles and Interviews

Thirty years in the making, "Willie and the Wheel" rolls (Feb 2009)
It's barely six weeks into 2009, and already it's been a banner year for Ray Benson. In January alone, Benson took his band, Asleep at the Wheel, to perform in Washington, D.C., during the presidential inauguration festivities. A couple of days later, he met the newest little member of western swing's most recognizable band, as Asleep at the Wheel drummer Dave Sanger and vocalist Elizabeth McQueen brought their infant daughter Lisel to Benson's Bismeaux studios for her own little debut. ... more
Willie Nelson: a productive senior citizen (Sep 1998)
Willie Nelson is as American as the flag. A blue collar American, that is. Long known for his love of the road, this year alone he will perform nearly 200 concerts. From California to Maine, Florida to Washington, Nelson will log thousands of miles on his home on wheels, his bus, Honeysuckle Rose II. Nelson completed a successful tour of Europe in May. Truly, he's seen nearly every corner of the world. Like his song says, Willie Nelson really "can't wait to get on the road again." Kinda makes you wonder, though, just how he can record so darned much. In September, Island Records, Nelson's primary label, released "Teatro."... more

Editorials and Country Musings

That's what Willie should do (Jul 2009)
Bruce Robison wrote and recorded a song a few years ago, What Would Willie Do? It was a humorous song about Willie drug references and all - cute and well done. The question maybe should be asked of Willie himself these days when it comes to his concerts. In his 70s, the musical icon still has his trademark voice well intact, and he clearly connects with his audience. He picks just fine on his beat-up guitar with the hole in it. But one part that has become shall we say disappointing... more

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